Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's finish the GSC Trail Saturday!

As the Crowder race is postponed, this would be a perfect time to get the trail roughed in. I spoke with BradBob and Don and they said they could help. Tell your friends! Get permission from your parents! Powertools are great fun! Getting this trail done will be even greater fun.
I'll spring for pizza and beverages at 1pm or so. Betherebetherebethere! RT


Anonymous said...

Greg and I (Shawn) will be present and accounted for. Greg says that he doesn't want Randy to beat him around the head and shoulders for being lazy. Lets knock it out!

slo farmanimal said...

As "big daddy" shawn says we WILL be there...i mean why face the rath of RT, besides we are almost at the end... so far this trail is awsome.