Monday, November 17, 2008

Krug Trail Clean Up / Re-Routing

Walked through parts of Krug on Saturday picking up limbs and trying to find Shawn's re-routing flags. Found one set of flags but will need Shawn to explain things in a bit more detail. Went back up on Sunday after an early morning ride through the Corbies, GSC and the Brownie.
Looks like we need to re-build several of the bridges on the bridge trail... Maybe set some posts so they stay put when the rains come. While I was up there I tried to hand clear some of the old trail across the big revine behind the log cabin. The long bridge we put in years ago suprisingly is still in very good shape. Went back up later in the day and started clearing several downed trees with the chainsaw.
There is a very steep hill basically at the beginning of that trail right after it crosses the creek. I decided to re-route the trail to the right just before crossing the creek. This will take us across the creek and up the side hill of the revine creating a longer gradual climb. Once on top we will tie back into the old trail.
If any of you are interested in helping out on the new section you can call me or post a comment here. If you just have some free time and want to go up there, by all means feel free. We could definately use help (especially with the bench cutting).
Overall, the trails still need alot of clean up... more chain saw work, some weed eating, bridge re-building, overhead thinning, blowing and of course more re-routing.
We obviously are not pressed for time but it definately would'nt hurt to get started soon as there is alot to get done.
One other thing for you amusement... Was back up there with the chainsaw late this afternoon and ended up getting the chain and bar stuck in a tree that was laid across the creek and the new section of trail. If you see a bar and chain hangin there you know you found the right spot!!


Anonymous said...

I have some free time both Sat & Sun this weekend and am up for some clearing and clean-up.
What time did you have in mind?


choppe said...

I plan to be up there by 8:00 am on Saturday unless something unforeseen comes up.
Not sure about Sunday.
Hopefully Shawn can make it Saturday morning and he can show us what he has in mind. You up Shawn?
Everyone is welcome to help

shawncforce said...

I'm up for some trail work, what do you want first, some chainsaw work? I have all the wood we will need here at the shop to build new bridges. When will we have a bridge day so I can haul all this wood out of the back?

choppe said...

Probably chainsaws, trimmers and shovels for now. If you and Lance want to start rough cutting in some of what you have flagged off, I could be working on clearing the rest of the new section on the side of the revine and get started bench cutting.
As far as the bridges go, we should really plan a day where we could get a good sized group together and maybe rent a motorized auger and dig all the post holes at one time. Posts will be needed on the low bridges that have been washing away. Also, when we do build the bridges, we should gap the boards the thickness of a "two by"(about 1.5"). This may take more wood but the bridges will last much longer. Also, a new bridge will be needed on the new section Randy and I have been working on.
WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS, please help if you can spare the time.

Doc A said...

I'm up for Saturday around 8. I'll see you in hell, I mean Krug.

JDOUG said...

Thurs. Eve. ride if anyone is interested.....