Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Trail Section

Here's a few pics from this weekend's trail work at Krug.
Lance... Thanks for all the help Saturday morning.
The new section is pretty much complete along with an additional switchback on top.
Still need to build a small bridge at the start though.


shawncforce said...

I was out a little later than I wanted due to some honey-do chores. Krug was blocked off for the lights and I wasn't going to haul the saw all the way up so I went and marked and sawed an new section along the N. Corby behind the graveyard to almost Genefield Rd. This should be about a mile loop. You can see the flags at the bottom of the hill next to the graveyard and you make that curve. There is lots of ivy so if any one wants to trim go for it just follow the flags.

lansenm said...

man, that looks nice... can't wait to do some riding out there again. i might fire up the chainsaw next weekend some time. think i need to tune it up a little bit though.

choppe said...

Thanks for getting things going on Corby N. As fast as that trail is, the added length will really help out.
As far as Krug was concerned, I got with one of the city workers doing the lights and he let us drive up to the top going the reverse direction.
I got out and rode the new sections and some of the old trails late this afternoon. As to be expected the new stuff was very soft but with some traffic it should firm up nicely.
As for the older trails, there is some overhead trimming, chainsaw work and general clean up that is needed.
Even with the trails needing some TLC, riding up there was still a blast.
Krug may not be the easiest place to ride but to me it still offers some great riding.

choppe said...

I spoke to RT and it looks like he has the week off and may do a little trail work. Not sure how things will pan out for me with family coming in for Thanksgiving and the weekend but if I can get some free time I'll be up there too.
It'll be great to get that place cleaned up. The parkway trails are really fun but Krug needs some lov'n to.

Doc A said...

I came a little late and parked in back of Krug. I could never find the trail flags, but I did a little chainsaw work where needed.

slo farmanimal said...

call me bad names...but wouldn't the trail work go along better, more efficient, and less disjointed if our efforts were put into one section at a time???

choppe said...

Of course it would be better, more efficient and less disjointed if we concentrated on one section at a time... Problem is that not everyone can volunteer at the same time. As long as the people that are building the new sections are on the same page and know the intent of the new routes than we will probably be fine despite our disjointed efforts.
I spoke with both Shawn and Randy this afternoon while up at Krug. We have a general idea of what Shawns intent is and so far I don't think we've had any wasted efforts.
Maybe we should schedule a time that Shawn can lead us through the entire proposed new route at Krug.
He can show everyone the new proposed trail sections and the existing trails that will still be used. It would be a good idea to mark the existing trails also so that general clean up work could be done on those by anyone at any time.
Just so everyone knows, the intent is to have one long loop. This will require closing off several existing sections and eliminating as many intersections as possible.
An effort like this on existing trails is bound to be a little disjointed but I'm fairly certain it will come together just fine.