Monday, November 24, 2008

north corby

This is the before shot of a large ivy field flagged. the next is looking back at the trimmed section. and finally some cool down trees the trail will zoom past. Things are starting really nice on the new Corby north section. I trimmed the first section and it will have some rolling sections that should prove to be fun. There will need to be two bridges about 8 feet to cross small creeks one at the first. The next one is to a cool ridge between two creek beds. There are a few things that I feel need to be addressed since we are at a good point in our trail building process. First of all we need to get the city to promote the Corby trails as the Mark Reynolds complex. First of all because its the right thing to do to remember him for his enthusiasm for the sport and secondly it can only promote what we are doing ourselves to grow the sport. I plan to talk to Bill with parks and Donna Marks mom to make this happen. With these last touches to the Corby trails it really is mostly complete and we should be proud of what we have done. The next order of business is to get more equipment. I was thinking we needed more chain saws and trimmers but I realize we don't have heavy duty portable battery operated tools to build wooden structures, this is what i want to buy. We need to get out bridge building in order to do the things I plan on doing to Krug it requires building new bridges. Please give me your thoughts on this. I am on a fund raising campaign right now so anyone with ideas of who I can get donations from please let me know, because the tools we need are not cheap at all! Again if anyone wants to trim at N. Corby's new section please have at it just follow the flags. The same is true of Krug too.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you're coming from on needing more equipment. Seems like we have more than enough equipment right now and need more operators aka volunteers.

As far as bridge building goes I have generators, gas/battery powered framing nailers, air compressors and a slew of battery powered drills, sawzalls, and circular saws. What else do we need to build bridges other than a wheelbarrow and post-hole digger which can be rented by the day?

Let's not use a lack of equipment as an excuse to get this work accomplished. And as Craig mentioned, the gates at Krug are closed but the City of SJ Parks Dept. will allow us to drive up the opposite way for trailwork days.

Anyone up for a day this weekend?


shawncforce said...

I had no idea you had all that equipment for use. I was thinking no one had had any building equipment. I do know we can use extra chains new trimmer heads, mix, face shields and a few other odds and ends so we can equip some of the bike group. I think we will be suprised who the trail hippie can guilt into working.