Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TV Dude???


Would you pass this one to your mountain biking dudes if they are interested.

Bob Fitz


Subject: Mike Steidley
On the off chance that any of you are interested. Mike and another rider are going to be featured on the Discovery Channel show “Time Warp” on the evening of Nov. 26th.

To think I got to ride with that dude! He was actually at my house… and he rode in my car and truck.

On a serious note, please pass the word to those who may be interested… if you know of anyone… other than me.



JDOUG said...

That second Email was writtn by Ed Schilling by the way, I forgot that part...

JDOUG said...

Hey, I miss riding with all you beeoches...
Sat? A.M? Ride?


rustbucket said...

If you go, wear your hunter orange...unless of course you're faster than a speeding bullet like Hoppe & Lansen...

JDOUG said...

Don't worry about me buddy... Is it that time of year again to go kill shit?

JDOUG said...

OK, not all at once everyone.. Is that a cricket?

choppe said...

Aaaah the love on this blog, can't ya just feel it!?
Not sure about when I can ride yet but hopefully I can get out... More than likely it will be in the afternoon though.
I also want to get out and see what Shawn has laid out for us up at Krug (He's been out flaggin)