Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday Nite is Back

Rode with Rusty and Shawn last night. Weather was perfect, trails were too.

Ran into Don also. Them were some sweet yellow wheels.


rustbucket said...

The trails are in great shape right now...

I plan to ride Thursday after I get back into town (have to go to Salina, KS for work...hope to make it back by 5:00 or so). I'll be at Corby to ride at least one lap of each side...the south side because the trails are in primo condition and a blast to ride; the north side because the sooner we break them in, the sooner they will also be a lot of fun.

Anyone interested, just show up and track me down, or call my cell.

lansenm said...

Went hiking on the North side last night. It was great. Ran into Javier, who was on his 3rd North Lap! What an animal.

I still need to find some time to weed whack the rest of the loop. It probably won't be this week though.