Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Good News, and the Bad

Had just enough time for 1 lap at Krug last night. Was bust'in ass to get through on time to get back for a movie with the family.

The good news is that I Stopped briefly to admire someone's handy work on the bridge that had been destroyed. It is all fixed now, and even better than it was before. Thank you masked man.

The bad news is that I hit a ghost stick (which I never did find). It jumped into my rear derr, twisted the derr cage, bent the hanger clear backwards, mangled a couple spokes, and twisted the chain. After some serious cussing and banging on things I got the bike to where it could ride out of the park, albeit with limited gear range.

Got home, missed the movie, wife was pissed, spent the rest of the night in the basement bending steel and aluminum. Eventually got things working again, but pretty much destroyed the paint job in the process.

Guess I won't be selling this frame in the near future.

1 comment:

Tenacious Tortoise said...

You've had some bad luck equipment wise and I'm sure that a long spell of problem free riding is heading your way... hope to catch some of that wave with ya!