Sunday, April 15, 2007

Corby North Upper Section

Corby North has been trimmed on the South side of the Clearing and through the clearing. I know a lot of people were confused about how the grass section flows. I think everyone will be clear on what is going on now.

To start the North section; head east on the bike path until you see a park bench on your left. Shortly after you pass the park bench you will see a service road that goes up to the clearing. Turn left onto this and take the first trail off the service road (the trail will be on your right). This right turn will start you on the curvey ascent into the clearing. You should be able see where everything is going from there on.

The only other section that still needs to be cut is in the middle of the North section. Just keept your eyes open for flags, and you will be able to pick it out.

Have fun!

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