Friday, April 13, 2007

Destination Riding

We are so lucky!

It's wet out - no doubt about it. My yard is like a wet dish sponge. There is still water draining down my street from all the moisture over the last week. Even still, Corby is tacky and fast. Everything is rideable, nothing is slick, and the tires are relatively clean after a ride.

The new sections are coming together. Most of the North half of Corby is visible trail without the flags. There are a couple sections that are still kind of confusing and that need to be weed whacked, but we are getting pretty close. Thanks to everyone that has been riding the trails.

I haven't been to Krug for about a week, but the last time I was there it was in excellent condition.

I haven't been to Sunbridge for several weeks. Last time I was there it was in great shape. Trail.s were clear and clean. No washouts to speak of. the only areas that were kind of rough was where the 4-wheelers had been riding.

Shawn lent me his GPS to map out the trails. First I need to figure out how to work it. Then I will map the trails. Then I will link the trail maps to the site. Then all the out-of-towners can come ride here on the weekends. More riders means less maintenance to keep trails open, which means we can build more new trails.

We are so lucky.

Snapped a couple pictures today. Don't know why, but these turned out okay. Even the couple that I snapped while riding (which is tougher than you might think).


jspell said...

Think the trails are ridable this afternoon?

jspell said...

Trails were great at Corby! Thanks Jethro for blowing off the trails Friday! North side is getting better.