Sunday, April 29, 2007

Perry Lake Race

Rusty, Jim, and I cruised over to Perry Lake today and raced. Pretty hot, but we had a great time. I tried out the new single speed. It did great. I thought the head set was loose for the first lap, but it turned out to be that the front wheel quick release was loose. Thank goodness I stopped and checked it, or there could have been trouble. Lost about 4 minutes screwing around with the headset, but still pulled a relatively solid 4th place.

Saw CVO from Lincoln. He pulled out a 5th place in one of the expert divisions. Good job dude.

Jim nailed a 4th place in the Sport Masters. Nice job man!

Rode behind Roxy from Omaha for awhile (the women experts took off before the ss class). She took 1st place in her division. Always kickin ass.
There's Ryan from Omaha in 4th place in one of the expert divisions. Rode with him for awhile too. He somehow pulled out that podium place after 2 flats.

Anyway. Fun trails. Fun bike. Hot weather. Good friends, new and old.

Later, LM


3p0 said...

dude, congrats right back at ya on your 4th place

we'll see ya @ the next one.

Tenacious Tortoise said...

Way to go Lansen & Jim! It's always a good race when you can finish without any broken gear... that joke was intended for Lansen. LOL

Jim, what's your email address, I want to send ya something. Call me at 387-8022 and leave me a mesage with it if we don't answer.

Tenacious Tortoise said...

BTW... Lansen, I bet that's the last time you let one ofyour competitors put on your front wheel! ;0) LOL

lansenm said...

Yeah, it was a good race. The Single Speeders were riding hard. I think once I get used to this bike and the fact that it has no suspension, I should be able to hang okay. Never know though.... Missouri summers get pretty hot, and that does weird things to me.

I was really happy about the bike. No problems, It was plenty responsive, and at no point did I feel like throwing it off a cliff. I think single speed, no suspension is the way to go if you are prone to breaking everything that moves, as I seem to be.