Tuesday, June 12, 2007

City Parks

Talked to a manager in the parks dept today about some city help on maintaining trails. He said he has had lots of comments on the trails we have been building and he seemed pretty appreciative of our cause. Sounds like budgets are tight, but he also sounded willing to explore opportunities for symbiosis.

Cross your fingers!


Tybone said...

I'm hopefully going to be Joeville (as I like to call it) tomorrow afternoon and would like to ride Krug, but I don't know may way around. If any one would like to take me on a tour I would love it. If not I'll just explore. I'm hoping around 1:00 or so. I'll check back if I see any interest I'll leave my cell#. Ty

lansenm said...

Hey Ty,
Rusty and I are planning to ride Krug tonight at around 6PM. We are both working today though.

Give me a call 752-2025.


Tybone said...

I had to get back home. I rode Corby it's always fun. Thanks for the offer though.

lansenm said...

darn, sorry man. Did you hit both sides?

Tybone said...

I rode through the North Side then back through the North Side. Then did the South Side.