Monday, June 4, 2007

Racing Good Times

It was a big weekend for racing. Rolled with the single speed class at Lewis & Clark in Council Bluffs on Sat and again at Landahl in KC on Sunday. Pulled out a third place on Sat (although they recorded me as 4th) and a second place on Sun. Trail conditions were great at L&C, but things were as muddy as I have raced at Landahl. SS class started behind most of the sport field, and I believe I had to pass somewhere around 60 people by the time we sorted through the sport field and lapped the beginner field. It was still fun, and although there were some bad wrecks on the slippery rocks, most people seemed to have a good time in the mud.
Also got to hang with good folks from Lincoln, St. Joe, Omaha, KC, Columbia, and Manhattan. Can't complain a bit. Might have had too much to drink at some point in there, but I don't think I offended anyone too bad.
Here's a brief photo narrative of the weekend:

cvo happy to re-hydrate.

festivities after L&C.

Rusty after riding Krug on Thursday

Beers and pasta after Landahl.


Cornbread said...

Good job this weekend dude.


DD said...

Way to go. Sounds like the ss was the way to go in the muddy conditions. DD

lansenm said...

Thanks fellars. It was a fun weekend. Just what I needed.

3p0 said...

yeah, congrats man.. hope to see you at crowder..