Saturday, June 23, 2007

Detail work

Brad and I worked on the girl scout trail the other day and got the worst nub situation taken care of. I think Randy trimed somemore because there was more done Thursday. It is getting down to the end of finnishing that section. We still need more chain saw work done to get small stumps and large nubs out. There is one large tree that will need a big saw down on the trail. The scout that is doing the project is going to blow the trail then trim one last time. There is also trash that needs to be gotten out of there, the city is going to pick it up soon. Get with me to get bags if you are interested in cleaning out the trails. Lansen is there anyway to post trail maps on this site? It would be great if we could refer people to this site to check out the trails.


jspell said...

I rode the new trail Friday night on the way home from work. They will be great when they are broke in. Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

Tybone said...

Are the trails up in Joe ville good to rid??

jspell said...

The trails were slick in spots at Corby but that was about 9am. They should be very ridable on Sunday. I think Krug may be pretty muddy even on Sunday.

lansenm said...

Got an STJ TRAIL MAPS link to your right there. The Krug race loop is shown with a description.

I have a GPS layout of Corby, but need to figure out how to super impose it on a map.

Adam, if I send you a history file, can you superimpose it and send back to me?