Friday, June 15, 2007

trail day sat and answers to questions

Saturday 8 AM to 4 PM the scouts are doing trail work for an Eagle scout project on a new section of trail at the end of the parkway walking trail before the Krug pool. I know there are lots of races this weekend but any help would be great Sat or throughout this next week. Meet at the end of the concret ramp on the last S curve towards krug or walk up the ramp you'll see the orange flags on your right just follow them. Chain saws would be great, trimmers, lopers, shovels or hoes would be good to. The new section is 1 mile or so out of 4-5 or more in the area of the old girl scout camp, this is ment to tie corby and krug together. This section is where the old girl scout camp was where the walking trail goes through the woods passed lovers lane heading NW to Krug Pool. Once again there is more there than I thought. This section has tons of rocks!! it will be tight off camber technical single track with rocks!! Did I tell you guys there are rocks!!! in this section? just checking. The ends of the first section of the girl scout trail is about a hundred yards from the end of the walking trail to up the hill to the first curve in the S curve where the pull in is. This Is between the walking trail and the road. Other sections will be added later in the year. That brings me to maintaining what we have already I don't want to over build what we can maintain. We need to get something in place to help assign sections to maintain. I love to ride but we all need to pitch in to keep the trails clear. I am seeing a lot of new people were at the shop because of the new trails so I can see the sport growing lets keep the positive movement forward. Thanks to everyone who has help build and maintain the trails lately. Brian trimed most of south Corby the other day, thanks Brian.


lansenm said...

Hey Shawn, you excited? Me too. Thanks for all your hard work dude.

I am racing this weekend, but will try to get out to do some maintenance next week (Krug is in sad shape in some areas).

Brian, thank-you for all your hard work too. You're an animal!

Good luck to all who are racing this weekend. All others- happy riding and working.

PS Shawn, take some pics of the new trail and post them, would ya?

lansenm said...

So how did it go Saturday?