Saturday, June 9, 2007

new trails

Well the Corby stuff went well, there was some good articals written about the new trails. Its time to start new ones I'm marking new trails at the old Girl Scout camp towards Krug. Its part of a boy scout eagle project let me know if you want help.


jspell said...

Tight, twisty and steep, right?
I will gladly volunteer some time when it is cold! I have this phobia of all things green right now.

lansenm said...

Don't have a lot of spare time right now, but plan to focus some time on existing trail maintenance.

We have a bunch of bridges out at Krug. Most of the down trees at Krug and Corby have been removed, but there is the question of weed whacking too.

Seems like if we could form a Maintenance team and a New Trails team we might be able to keep up with all the new and existing trails.

Any thoughts from the gang?

Tybone said...

I was just wondering if these new trails will connect to the the other Corby trails.