Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lewis & Clark

Sounds like the race is on in Council Bluffs!

Sport/Expert/SingleSpeed starts at 12 noon. I will be leaving STJ at 8:30 or 9:00. Anyone that wants a ride to the race should call me by 8:00. 752-2025

These are great trails. Some of the best in the area. Assuming the rain holds off tonight, you are doing yourself a favor if you ride this race.

Updates of the race and hopefully some pictures will follow. Happy trails!


Tybone said...

About four of us are coming up on Sunday to ride Corby then hopefully Krug. We will probably be up around 12:00. If there is anyone that would like to give us le tour that's cool if not that's cool to.

lansenm said...

Cool. I think most of us will be at Landahl racing today.

Check the December 7th post for a map of Corby South, at least the main trail. There are a number of side trails that add to the loop, so be sure to explore.

The North Loop at Corby doesn't have any side loops or short cuts, so you will be able to see where to go there. We don't have the connector trail at the end done on the North side, so just take the walking path back to the stretching station.

Start on the south loop from the trail at the east edge of the stretching station grass area. Start on the North Loop by heading East on the walkers path at the top of the hill, right behind the sitting bench just north of the path. You should see it, the trail is nice and wide.

As far as Krug goes, unless you know the course, or have a map (I don't have one made yet) you won't know where to go. I would recommend exploring...

Or, race today and come up next weekend and I will show you Corby, Krug, and Sunbridge...

Have fun!