Sunday, November 18, 2007

Different Trails on a Rainy Day

Sooo Jav, what did you do today? Some rid'n? Cool.

Any hills on that ride? Oh, just a couple big ones huh?

See anything else? Oh, there was evidence of other trail use huh? Quite abit huh? Well, that's the shits, isn't it....

So we went to Waubunsie State Park in Iowa today. Left at dawn. Trails were different, so it was a good trip, although trails are more suited for equestrians and hiking. Still, saw some great vistas and rode some really fun downhills.

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jdoug_jt said...

Looks fun, I'm jealous..

Took the dogs out, went by girlscout camp, back accross the parkway there is so much potential.. Its going to be awesome..