Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nice Work!

Shawn and Randy, I have to hand it to you guys; you really know how to build a nice trail. The Girlscout camp trails are looking pretty sweet. We rode Girlscout, Krug, Girlscout, Corby North today. Almost rode Corby South, but we were so shelled we called it quits. Shelled... and we didn't even ride all the trails in a 3 mile radius. That's a good problem to have, isn't it?

Trail Work Day!
We're still planning on doing the trail work day for December 01. We'll get started at about 8:30 AM and will wrap it up when ever. I'll have a couple hand saws, a polesaw/lopper, shovel, hoe, and a sythe. Sounds like we have a couple chainsaws lined up and a weed whacker or two. We should be able to make some pretty good progress pretty quick, I think. If enough people show, maybe we can finish the loop in one day. Of course, that assumes Randy and Shawn don't finish the whole thing before we can get to it.... Heee Heee Heee, just kidding.

BTW, if you aren't feeling lucky today - take a look at the Folks From Lincoln Blog. Our brothers up North are in the middle of another skirmish with the city. Makes me feel pretty lucky that St. Joe's parks & rec department is so cool about building and maintaining trails on city property. Other places are not so lucky, to be sure.

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lansenm my email is brian. i will post some lake tahoe pics and some of keystone this summer.