Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New bridge/Heartland

Spoke with Roger from the city he said that he was working on designing a bridge to span the creek at the end of Corby North. This will tie the trail into a new section that runs up to Ashland Ave. for another 2 miles. He said that he could get the building material but the trail group would need to build it. Does anyone have any experience in building bridges? The Heathland race is rolling along I'm finishing the final paper work now. I know we are working on the girl scout trail now but we need to plan to start getting Corby ready for the race by spring. This could include several miles of new trails the new bridge I mentioned and some detail work to make everything flow better. The race loop will include both North and South Corby starting in the field by Noise school. If anyone has any ideas let me know we need this first race to be killer to keep Heartland up here. You never know we could be a good 12/24 hour venue later on.

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jspell said...

If he has plans with basic dimensions, it should not be to hard. Most of it depends on the plans and materials. It should be just like building a deck. You know we have some engineering type people who ride! (medical too, if we smash some thumbs!)