Saturday, November 17, 2007

MWSU Speed Challenge

Rode the "woodchip" trail loop out there for the first time since this past Spring. I shattered my personal best by over thirty seconds. Did the entire lap in 9min 31sec... so that's over 14mph average for the entire 2.34 miles.

So the challenge is simply to do a lap and then see if you can beat your previous time. When I started out there I was in the 30 minute range... so don't be intimidated by my current time. Just go out there and do your best... it's really fun to see yourself go faster and faster over time.


lansenm said...

Whatcha eat fo breakfast dat make ya so fast?

Viva La Wabonsieeee!!!

jdoug_jt said...

Last time I saw you out there, I had to take you home in the jeep!!!
First time I met you too...

Yesterday was a sad day... I bent my frame at girlscout camp :(
I am out of commission until Marin can send a new one.. This sucks...

I am hoping I can get it by Wednesday.. I am only working two days next week.. Can you belive the timing on this?
Days off but no bike..


lansenm said...

That sucks dude. Sounds like Marin turns warranties over pretty quick. Good luck!

Tenacious Tortoise said...

Yeah Jason, I do remember that day we met and asked you to drive me home. I was trying out my cheap version of tubeless tires... basically running my favorite Ritchey Z.E.D. Race Pro tires with Stans on tubeless rims. For everyone else's sake, let's just say that you should run no less than 30 PSI if you don't want the tire to come tearing off the bead when landing a jump.

Sorry also to hear about your frame... but as Lansen, I think the turn around is really good. Wish I would have gotten that kind of response when I had to take my GF Cake in for frame warranty... didn't happen though.

So Jason I'm looking forward to your new frame and doing the speed challenge with ya... I'll show ya the loop and then you can tear it up. Again, it's really fun & motivating to see your times improve.