Friday, November 30, 2007

Trail Work - This Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trail Work on Saturday. We're planning on several chainsaws - hopefully 4. We'll need at least one support person per chainsaw team. Any one else that shows can run the leaf blower or weed whacker.

Shawn, can you bring the shop weed whacker and leaf blower?

Chainsaws I know of right now are Randy, Rusty, Jav, Bob, and Dave.

We can park in the grass clearings just off the parkway near the new lower section that is cut and rideable.

Meet at 8:30AM, or show up whenever you can. I'll have some refreshments and dirt work tools to keep everyone rolling.

Plan and dress for rain and crappy weather - which is good, because then no one will be tempted to ride instead of hack underbrush (that goes more for me than anyone else).

Can't wait to see you all there!!!!!


shawncforce said...

I'll bring my power tools. I finished marking this morning it will include a nice rock garden (some rock moving required). I spoke to the guy in the red tent he was a little freaked out. He said he needed to stay two more weeks till it gets too cold. I told him we wouldn't bother him. He was nice so no worries about ax murders camping in the woods.

lansenm said...

Hope he finds a decent place to go. Was he interested in doing any trail work?

Just kidding. Probably not that funny though.

jdoug_jt said...

No, your right, that was funny!

See you tomorrow...

Anyone gettting off work early today?
Short Ride maybe?


shawncforce said...

Actually...I told him he could help if he wanted to. I said he could stay forever if he did. I might be up for a ride tonight after 6.

lansenm said...

Shawn is issuing Homestead decrees on city property now.

Just kidding again. Must be Friday, sure feels like it.