Friday, December 29, 2006

Good Ride

Just Rusty and me last night - but we had fun. Found the new section at Corby that Shawn had been talking about. Missed it when I groomed the trails earlier this winter. Will plan to get back there and clear them ASAP. there was a very large tree that fell and blocked two of the sections, but I should be able to get most of it out with a hand saw. The section looks like it will be fast but twisty when groomed and packed... Here's a rough photo ->

I will be either working or out of town most of this weekend, but would like to organize a 2:00 pm ride on Monday. Is anyone in? Maybe we could meet at Corby, do a lap, then ride over to Krug and do a lap. Hmmm, sounds fun.


rustbucket said...

The trails were not bad last night; a little soft in places, but generally rideable. It's sprinkling right now and rain is in the forecast. The trails will get really messy if we get a lot of rain.

2:00 Monday should work for me; I'll plan on being there. As for other riding and/or trail work over the weekend, I'm not sure if and/or when. If we get lots of rain, maybe some trail work would be the ticket?

lansenm said...

I'm working Sat and out of town on Sun, so no riding or trail work for me this weekend. I will be back Monday and will plan on a 2:00 pm ride. If trails are wet, we could always hit some dirt roads. Just a thought...