Monday, December 4, 2006

Tuesday Night is coming!

It's almost time for the Tuesday Night Ride!

Okay, this isn't a picture of the Tuesday Night Ride - Yet....

Well, we all survived Monday. Reward yourself, you deserve it. Charge up your light, saddle up, and ride the Corby winter wonderland.

See you all at the Corby Stretching Station at 6:30.

(The group picture is of the 2005 Laramie Enduro, that's me in like 20th place. Later in the race i moved up to about 15th, then I missed a turn, got lost, and came in something like 85th. Thought I was going to die that day. Best and worst day of my life. Anyone in for next year?)


rustbucket said...

Well, I'm bummed...missed the Tuesday night ride. (Thanks for checking in on me Javier). Hope you all had a great ride. That beast that sucks the life and energy out of us all (the job) reared its ugly head, so I couldn't get away. I do hope to make it out for the Thursday night ride. Anyone else?

jspell said...

I am going to try to make it on Thursday. Hopefully I can ride more that 10 minutes before I break something.

Tenacious Tortoise said...

Yeah, that was weird that jim broke his chain.

I did get in two laps with Lansen & another by myself. The third was a bit scary since I did run into another ROUS!

Trails as of last night were generally in good shape. Few of spots in first 1/4 of trails were very slippery but manageable if going slow. Also for those of you without studded tires, watch out for remaining bit of ice on portion of trail next to pond. I definitely think my studded tires helped in few sections where trail was slimmy.
Lansen and I still managed to do second lap in 20 min, 11 seconds.

I will be unavailable to ride again until after next week. But get out there, have fun & be safe.

rustbucket said...

Well, I'm not going to make it out for the Thursday ride either. Just found out tonight my son has a concert at school at 7:00. Also, going to be out of town for work next week and the week following, so riding opportunities will be slim for me.