Thursday, December 7, 2006

Sporatic Riding This Week

Well, we rode on Tuesday. Here are the left overs -

I'm missing the Thursday night ride right now, although it wasn't sounding like many were going to show.

I had to work late tonight, will be working later tomorrow, Sat, and Sun. Seems like the next week will be kind of ugly too. I expect to be back in the swing of things next Thursday, but until then I will be working on putting on weight and being stressed.

Anyway, this means I won't be at the trail work day... Sorry Shawn.

The good news is that Wednesday got her stitches out tonight and she's looking good.

More good news, I think I have most of the Corby Trails mapped. Check out the picture... Yellow is the established trails - Red is the Corby Expansion Loop, or part of it.

See you guys soon - Enjoy the trails.


3p0 said...

I'll be coming down a few times this year, and I'll make sure you know when.

lansenm said...

Kick ass! I think you would really enjoy the riding here CVO. Post something before you come and I will make sure I am available.


Tenacious Tortoise said...

That aerial view with the trail shown is pretty sweet and looks right.