Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weekend Rides

Here is a shot of Shawn coming up the trail with his train light. That's right, it is as bright as it looks and I was totally blind for a few seconds after snapping this pic. The trail was kind of muddy. Not real slippery, but the mud was sticking to my tires and was definitely the factor that made the single speed experience rough with a 2:1 gearing. Only did one lap, then walked part of the new trails. It's looking pretty good over there. I bet we will have some new trails by spring!

Here's a shot of my buddy James at Landhl this summer. It was hotter than hell, but we had a great time. Can't wait till things calm down with work so I can enjoy some of the great Missouri riding like this again.

James and wife just had a baby, so he is probably not riding much either. Enjoy the photo.

As far as weekend rides go - Today, I don't know what I can get away with. Tomorrow, I would like to head out for a 1:00pm ride if the weather cooperates. Anyone up for meeting at Corby - 1:00 pm?



rustbucket said...

I was able to get out to Corby this afternoon for a quick loop (well, it wasn't really "quick" but it was a loop). Trails were a little sticky in places, but not really slippery. Tomorrow is totally out for me; in-laws are in town for the holidays and we are having a "gathering" at our place. I'm out of town for work this coming week, so won't make the Tue/Thur rides either. I will be off work the entire week between Christmas and New Year's and hope to do some catching up on the bike. Anyone else free to ride that week, let me know...

Tenacious Tortoise said...

Finally got my home computer running again!

Man, gone all last week to Indy for business has really messed me up. I am overwhelmed with work, house chores, & Christmas prep.
It sure was nice runing into Rusty at BestBuy on Saturday... actually motivated me to at least do an Internval Training session at 10 PM. Don't recommend doing a hard work out that late at night. It was also sad to realize how much power I've lost.

Can't promise anything this week and I'll hopefully be gone all of next... don't worry I'll be taking my MTB to inlaws... there is sweet riding in Sioux City and just southwest of there.

So just in case, hope everyone has a Blessed Christmas... and don't forget the real reason for the season!