Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Snuck an Afternoon Ride

Rode a lap at Krug and it was muddy. It was kind of scary in some spots, but pretty much rideable. I was geared with a 36x20, which I can clean the hills with when conditions are good... However, in the mud I did some walking.

Then Wednesday and I cruised over to Sunbridge, which I have never ridden before. It was awesome. I couldn't believe how cool the trails were. Can't wait to get back there with a geared bike, as there were some climbs that I could not do on the ss, but would like to try with some lower gearing. The view was amazing as the sun was setting on the river.

Hoping we can get the Thursday ride going again this week. Is anyone else available? Spencer, isn't it time to get that Pugley out on a night ride?


Adam said...

Of course you know that riding at Sunbridge is not exactly legal?
That being said, the riding at Sunbridge has the potential of being a first class trail system. Nothing even comes close in St J. I ride there whenever I think I can get a way with it.

BTW - there is a portion of the bluff which is city owned and may be a good place to start if anyone is interested in placing some low impact trails.

lansenm said...

Uhhhh, yeah - I think I must have been on the city owned part....

Anyway, I was pretty impressed with the terrain for hiking, biking, or whatever. I guess I felt pretty safe from getting busted since the parking lot was full of highschool kids smoking weed. Figured they were the bigger fish in this case.

I didn't see any signs about how the trails were used - where is the trail use information posted? I did see some signs about hunting though - not getting shot is a pretty good motivator. There isn't an open season for mountain bikers in MO is there?>>>>

Doc A said...

Well ya - open season on mountain bikers run from 1st Sat in Nov until Feb 15th. Road bikers as far as I know are fair game all year.

There are signs posted at the parking lot - No bike allowed. The bigger problem for erosion is motorcycles, but that is the reason sited for no bikes - the Loess Hills.

I have been stopped before by Conservation agents. But anyway if you are considerate and don't tear up the trails I don't think it is a huge deal.

lansenm said...

On the ss I was walking most of the hills anyway, so I don't think I was causing too much damage. It is an awesome landscape though.