Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thursday Night - Back in the Saddle

Well - it's here again. Thursday night and it's time to rock and roll. Who thinks they can make it into the inky blackness tomorrow night.

Rode this morning and it was warm enough that there was no frost, so things were kind of soft. However, the temperatures were mild today, it should not freeze tonight, and tomorrow night will be in the 40s -- so I'm thinking that the trails might actually be fast again at Corby.

Who's In?


lansenm said...

6:30 okay for everyone?

rustbucket said...

I'm in...ridden Corby the last two nights at around 6:30. Tuesday night, the trails were still mostly frozen and had a great ride. At least until the flat tire on the way to Krug and had to hike-a-bike a couple miles back to the car. Still, it was the most peaceful and serene "rides". No one was out and the night was very calm.

Tonight, the trails were a little slimy after the thaw; however, still about 95% rideable. Should be in pretty good shape for a ride tomorrow. Hope to see a good turnout.

BTW-stopped by to see Shawn today and had a chance to see Cousin Eddy's RV. She's a beaut...

lansenm said...

rode this morning as well... Still slimy in spots, but rideable. Planning to be there tonight.


jspell said...

Well? how was the ride? I commuted to work yesterday but I would rather ride off road.

Anyone with plans for riding this weekend? or trail work?