Wednesday, December 6, 2006

next trail day

Anyone up to somemore torture? Lets have a trail day this Sat. morning from 8-12, it looks a little cool in the morning but it will be a good warmup for riding in the afternoon. We got alot done last time and it looks like someone has done more chainsaw work since then. We were thinking the prisoners would be working on the 18th but they thought the 1st would be a better start time. All the chain saw work that can be done before then the better. Something about prisoners in the woods with saws that makes them nervous.


rustbucket said...

I'll try to be there with the chain saw...hopefully this time with a better chain.

lansenm said...

I will be working this weekend, and a lot next week. Unfortunately, this week and next are not looking very good for the bike. Keep the faith, I'll be back in it in a couple weeks.