Monday, September 15, 2008

650b oh yeah!!

When you aren't tall enough to ride a 29er or you have already invested in 26 in bikes try a 650b wheel set. The 650b wheel falls inbetween 26 and 29 wheel sizes and has the added roll over factor. In addition to that the other advantage is for longer travel suspension bikes to have correct wheel bases and geomerty, thats why you don't see many 29er full suspension long travel bikes.  The wheels will fit into my Marin frame and Fox fork. This will be an upgrade for anyone with a 26 in fox fork to upgrade to a larger front wheel size. Check out  to check out the blog site. Don't throw away your 26in stuff just try upgrading to a larger wheel that fits. Greg and I are building our first 650 wheel set next week to give it a try. Everyone is welcome to borrow the wheels to give them a spin. 


JDOUG said...

Does it have to be a fox fork?

shawncforce said...

No just something with a high brake arch. Clearance is the name of the game. Check the 650b blog he has listed many products that will work. Jeremy works for American classic so he has the inside track on wheels and it looks like Am classic has some new sweat 650b wheels this year.

Tenacious Tortoise said...

Another suggestion for those whom like to be different like me is to put 29" wheels with cyclecross tires. I tried it today for the first time and had no problems... even through the rock gardens on south side of GS.
If this set up can fit on my minimal crearance frame, it will fit on anyone's.
But I still want to try out those 650b's. ;0)-