Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday AM Ride????

Anyone up for a sunday am ride? I would kind of like to roll at 8:30. I would kind of like to do some dirt roads, but could be talked into doing the trails too.

Let me know. All I have is a geared mtb and a geared cross bike, so I guess I'll be switch'n gears while we roll.

Hopefully someone is up for a ride....


Anonymous said...

Be careful! Riding with gears is an advanced riding technique and requires a good deal of concentration. You may actually enjoy it! :)

Tenacious T said...

I'd like to join ya on the gravel/dirt roads... though I'll be waiting till a bit later this fall. Spencer K. has also expressed interest in riding them.
I'm guessing when the leaves are really changing & temps cool down again is when I'll want to start putting some long back country miles in.