Wednesday, September 24, 2008

great link for q&a for 650b

It looks like Javier is having fun with the 650b front wheel I built, I plan on building another front for people to ride to give it a try. I found a link which has a great article on this new wheel size.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me the value of an answer to a question that no one was asking...?
Thinking on it, I believe there could be a helluva market for the 675c rim/wheel. It would be great for those of us that have outgrown the 26" wheel, find the 650b whell creating just alittle too much resistance as we roll Corby North, and are just a hair short for a real 29er.
See the original thought. The outta shape fat kid hippie.

Tenacious T said...

It was nice to try out the 27.5 and now have an idea of what it feels like. I think Shawn is really going to enjoy those larger wheels on his new Marin. I encourage others to try them as well.

I'm getting to know my new full suspencion 29er. It's hands down the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden... And as some of you know, comfort & pail free riding is what I'm all about. So with the large range of tire sizes/types I'll be putting tons of miles both off & on road.

Tenacious T said...

Not only is the 29er more comfortable for me, I've already gotten to know it well enough that I've beaten my previous personal time record.

Tybone said...

Where are you guys buying the rubber for these wheels?

Cracked Headtube said...

Forces can get them for you. I've directed them to all the distro's that carry rubber.
Heres a run down of things to come:
Kenda Nevegal 2.3 and 2.1
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.2
IRD/Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1
WTB Wolverine 2.2