Sunday, September 21, 2008

Watch Out?!

It's nice to be posting once again after my road riding hiatus this summer.  I had a wonderful first racing season but now getting excited about making the transition back to mtb and riding with ya'll.

I had the pleasure of riding the VERY well groomed trails along all of the parkway between Corby & Krug.  I must say I am impressed with how they are and more so with the news that they've been like that all summer.  Now if you guys can just get rid of all the pestering bugs... you might see me make some appearances throughout summers.

Although I have introduced Rusty to the road racin scene... resistance over to the good side of the force was futile once he got a taste... I also have reintroduced Allyn Smith to mtb... he's already ridden twice and very excited about the new trails.  Rusty and I were talking about how wonderful it's been to see more and more unfamiliar faces to the trails.  If we can simply ride smart & safely as Jim posted earlier, I see no surmountable obstacle to keep the trails & interest growing.

I've also heard that the more recent new comers to mtb have been improving their mtb skills and that is wonderful to hear... rapid continuous improvement is what I wish for everyone.  I look forward to having Jason showing me his latest skilz!  Just don't count us older folks out as we still have plenty left... just look at what Rusty did to me today (see pic below) when I got too slow for him and he ran over me instead of passing around!   LOL

Jokin aside, this poor fellow did take the brunt of Rusty's wrath today.  ;0)-


lansenm said...

Welcome back you goofy 'effer.

Anonymous said...

I'm in too!

Tim G