Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn is here!

That's right boys & girls... yesterday was the first day of Fall.  And you know what that means.... those pesky bugs' days are numbered!

Thought you'd appreciate the news Lansen, since you hate spiders.


Tenacious T said...

Forgot to mention that this evening I started my evaluation between 26er, 27.5er, & 29er wheels. In short, I like them all, but if after one lap of riding each I had to choose, I'd go with the 27.5er on the front and 26er on the rear.

Also wanted to inform that I took Wes Revels for his first ride on trails... Corby North. He enjoyed so much that this Vet Roady is actually contemplating not selling his 3 year old mtb (which he hadn't ridden till tonight!) and doing more mtb this fall.

lansenm said...

27.5??? I've heard of it, but hadn't seen one. I'd like to ride that bike sometime.

Tenacious T said...

Sure, next time we try to hook up I'll be sure to bring it.

JDOUG said...

We don't need to ride that little beeoch!! 29 is all that matters!

Tenacious T said...

After easily beating my personal best time at MWSU, I'm going to have to agree with Jason.

So now my son has been handed down my GF Cake (26er), and look forward to trying my 29er in a race.