Friday, September 19, 2008

Avoiding Trouble

I don't know how many of you noticed this in todays paper in the "bitch and moan section" where readers call in. There was a person complaining about bikers on the sidewalk going really fast and how dangerous it is. This has a potential to be a major problem for all of us. We need to be sure we are being courteous and respectful to the people walking. I know it is annoying when they are bopping along with an i-pod and a dog on the leash on a designated "bike path", but we stand to lose a lot if we are not careful. If you see someone doing something they shouldn't please say something to them. We all need to be careful and police ourselves, before someone else does it for us.


JDOUG said...

Well they said it was somone 200lbs going 40mph..

So we can rule out RT!!!!!

Sorry hippy, I could not help myself!

Also, Lets get a ride together for Saturday morning.. 8 a.m.

lansenm said...

I don't weigh 200, so I'm in the clear... For now. But by the time I hit the duece, I won't be mistaken for going fast, so I'll still be in the clear.

I always thought we did a pretty good job. So, I'm kind of suprised that there is a perceived problem. Bummer.

See you at 8.

Tenacious Tortoise said...

Maybe someone with eloquent (spelling?) should reply as representation of mtb riders and how "we" don't condone such behavior and advocate for safe passage for all users.

Obviously I'm not the one to write the response. :)