Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tree down & Saturday Ride

Four of us went riding together and took the tree in GSC the rest of the way down... since it was kind of a hazard.   Craig H. happened to have a saw so him & Rusty trimmed branches just enough for Craig to jump over it... see picture below.  No one else would try it and I won't till after it's gone.   ;0)-

The fourth rider is a new guy in town & to mtb by the name of Sean Gaulter.  He has a sweet new ride and did great hanging with Craig, Rusty and I at a steady pace.  It's only his third mtb ride and hope he catches the fever like Jason and others.

Just spoke with Lansen and both girls (Mom & baby) are doing great and expect to be released and back in town on Thursday.  So Lasen, expect a visit on Saturday and I'll try to steal you for a ride then... say around 11 AM in case anyone else is interested.


JDOUG said...

Hopp, how did you get over that damn thing?

jspell said...

That's usually all I see of Craig, just a blur flying by! Now I have to climb over the tree instead of ducking it. I have to admit that it was ready to fall on someone, so thanks for taking it down.

choppe said...

Jason... I used my new "Big Boy" wheels

JDOUG said...

I love big boy wheels.. However I think they work different for me..
Owe well..