Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clinton Lake next Saturday?

Met Lance yesterday at GC trails and he offered to drive several interested (he has Suburban said he can carry 6+ & their gear) out to Clinton.

Posting this early will hopefully give some of us opportunity to plan for it.  After tentatively setting these plans I ran into Jim S. and Craig H. and they both seemed interested.  Lance, I plan on going so call shotgun!    ;0)-

BTW... I know it's last minute, but me and out of state friend will be hitting Landahl around 3PM today.  If anyone wants to hook up, you can call my cell.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in Landahl today. Don't know how to get ahold of you though. Give me your cell or e-mail.


Anonymous said...

will the burb get u all back??? Might bring some extra h2o

Tenacious T said...

sorry lance you never heard from me, but it's been a very challenging couple of weeks regarding my Parents.