Sunday, October 5, 2008

GSC This Weekend

Rode GSC this weekend a couple times. It was great. Went at kind of a weird time on Saturday and missed the group. Sorry guys. On Sunday, hooked up with Jason and cruised through the camp.
Saw some interesting bugs. First a Katydid - Then a Walking Stick in my spokes. Weird, huh.

Wrecked my bike and took some dirt on the chin. Too fast, too rocky, too off camber, too little skill for the conditions - then I bit it.

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Anonymous said...

Those bugs would be good dipped in chocolate! I bet the chin rash came from Jason kickin some GSC ass on the trail. He's riding pretty fast right now. The 'testicle festival' was quite a hit back home. Lotsa old friends and all. I stayed up till 6:30 am Sun morn just shootin the bull with em.

The Stihl is ready to eat, the chains are sharp, and I'm ready to see Shaun slither around and mark some new stuff for us to uncover. If he does as well as he did with the GSC, we're in for a long winter's worth of work. I'm gonna be a little short on riding time, as I have some tear down/tear out work to do at home for my beautiful bride and her new floor project. It'll be done in time forthe Halloween party though. Peace out, the trail hippie.