Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Photos from Week...

Glad Lansen beat me to posting about yesterday's ride... he's such a poet & doesn't know it.
I really enjoyed the diversity of riding in the bigger group.  Lansen sure did get me going in that last half at Sunbridge... didn't know I could fly over some of those double logs... definitely got in my zone. 

This past Sunday took my 11 year old, Elijah, on his first mtb trail ride using my GF Cake... that's right, he's taken over my shoes & bike... and that's fine with me.  I am most proud that he used the eggbeaters and didn't fall over once!
BTW, that same weekend Rusty took his two oldest boys on same trails and Greg Goat took his daughters riding... future MTBers?! 

Had to take picture of Ed cause this Wednesday we rode together with Dustin and didn't know he could hold a solid/strong pace through woods (thought he only did Trials stuff)... got me so pumped that I found myself pushing & cheering him on like if he was in a race.

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