Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday AM Ride Recap

Had a great group this morning. Fast, steady, smooth. We hit the Corby North, then to Brownie, then to GSC, then to Krug, then through Sunbridge. Great morning. It was beautiful!

Randy led us through North, at a nice steady pace. Jason led us through Brownie, and besides taking a bad line and leading me off the trail, was very smooth. Hoppe took the front through GSC, and with some heckling from me really turned it on a couple times. Of course Rusty climbed the big hill on the other side of the creek at Krug.... Everyone else walked it. The Crookster led us through Sunbridge for part of the way at some pretty high speeds along the shelf. That may have been the fastest I had gone in that section. Then I realized I was going to be late to the Pumpkinfest Parade downtown, so Jav and I ripped out the rest of the way in Sunbridge, not sure what the rest of the group was up to but we hit it pretty hard I thought.

Anyway, by the end I was feeling pretty good about the morning. I felt like I got to follow pretty much everyone at some point or another, and it was good. Got to hear some of my favorite old stories, some new ones, and we started making plans for future adventures. Randy made some filthy jokes, I think Javier made a pass at me, and I'm not sure but I think Rusty might have won another $100 hill climb challenge. It was a good ride.

Coming out of Krug, I noticed that the trees in Sunbridge are starting to change colors. Right now they are still kind of dull, but it is going to be a good year for color, I can tell. I hope to be posting some good pictures!

Thanks for the great ride guys! Lets plan to meet at Corby again Sunday... 8:30AM sound good?


choppe said...

Lansen, I was just about to submit my first post but noticed you beat me to it.
I told David C that I would meet him at 8 am but I assume we can all meet up between 8 and 8:30.
Just so you know, I did a finishing lap on Corby South and had a real nice wreck... head plant, knee into the spokes, bent front rotor... it was a doozy, to bad the rest of the group did'nt get to see it. You guys would have gotten a real kick out of it.
Anyway, I started my on blog earlier tonite, not really sure what I'm doing yet but here's a link if anyones interested.
Not much more than a couple of pics on it right now.
See you in the morning.

JDOUG said...

Lansen, CHoppe! Know one cares what the F**K either one of you have to say!!!!!!!! Slow the F down!!!! Seriously....Don't make me listen to the voices!

That goes for all you other fast basterds too. jav, Rusty, Crook.. Hippy, don't think your getting off the hook either beeoch!

Hell, even Crook is kicken ass, and he has been tossin salid to rodies for a time now.. (Hope Jav and Rust shave there asses!)

Jail-house rules now!!!!... I am fed up with you fast basterds.. Slasing tires, kicking, bighting, whatever, I don't care!!

I bit it 3 times trying to keep up..

So save it Hop, we don't care that you fell and got a boo boo going f**king mach 4 thourgh Corby south... I will give you a cookie next time I see you..

I guess I can just be honest now..


lansenm said...

Am I picking up on some anger and frustration? Not sure, just wondering.

choppe said...

Jason... I'll take that cookie at 8:30 am... Assuming you show up?

shawncforce said...

Don't feel bad Jason I think you can get counseling for that anger. I'm just used to getting my can kicked after not riding much. I did give Crooks back tire a little love after he passed me though (that's called passive aggression).

JDOUG said...

I am over it all now... Thank you guys so much for your heartfelt concern for me and my issues..

Anyway, anyone off work tomorrow? I think it is a holliday... I think?

lansenm said...

Shit. Did we somehow convey concern and supportive acceptance? We are going to have to adjust our approach guys. TOUGH LOVE. That's the Hippy's motto, right Crookster? Isn't that what he said when he knocked your front teeth out?

Anyway, missed you on the ride this AM Jason. We had a good time. And, without you there to handle all the wrecking Crook and Hoppe had to pick up the slack. They really weren't liking that responsibility much, so we were all missing you. I think the Hippy missed you too, but he didn't say anything cause I think he was afraid it would give away his man-crush on you. Well, it's out now.

dcrook said...

Jason, Tossin salad is not just for roadies, is it also for mountian bikers. Don't be a hater!Besides you tossed my salad. I know it was a one time thing for me, but I thought you wanted to keep it a secret? Anyway, please get back on your meds and continue counseling.

I hope to mtb with you next weekend, I enjoy watching you crash!

Tenacious T said...

I remember talking to Rusty on the way there and how we both felt fatigued/tired... him from yet another cold/flu and I from riding so long prior day... so it was so much fun to watch Jason and other's jaw drop when Rusty tore up that long climb at Krug... so I guess 26" tires are better! ;0)
Come next road racing season I'm hoping to pull Rusty within 200 meters from a finish and watch him do his sprint/turbo thing.

Jason, this was my first time riding with ya in a long time and ya have really stepped up... way to go.
I think if you keep putting forth the effort you'll also become a "fast basterds".

JDOUG said...

One day, huh?