Friday, October 24, 2008

Have you ever....

Lost control for just a second. Hit an immovable obstacle. Then fallen to the ground?

After hitting the ground, did you shake the impact out of your head and wait for a moment as things came back into focus? Did you have a new perspective on things, from a different vantage point? A view of the world that you don't usually take. One where you are close to the earth, where you can smell the dirt and the rot. You can see the busy activity of small insects. Did you notice how the fallen leaf litter blankets the earth, protects it, and regenerates what was lost in the spring and summer rains? Did you notice that the colors of the forest are different from down here? The yellows brighter, the browns more earthy, the dusty yellow filtered fall light warmer and more regenerative than it is from five feet higher where you normally see this view?

While you were down there, did you find something that you weren't looking for? Something that made you think about perspective and how it can change everything depending on which side of it you reside? Did you ever think about luck? Did you consider that nearly any situation where luck is involved has an element of good luck for one party, and bad luck for another? Truely, the rabbit's foot is lucky for the hunter - but the fact that the hunter now possesses the rabbit's foot is unlucky for the rabbit. Did you consider this as a constant through life?

As you pick yourself up, and dust yourself off - maybe look around and think about the give and take; the ebb and flo; the birth and death that is constantly surging forward and pulling back all around us. Think about how as you gain, others lose; then when you lose others will gain. As you climb back on your bike, think about how small these things are in the scheme of things, but how they also might have an unintended, or unexpected impact.
The rabbit would never have comprehended that he might have had an impact on your life. Maybe his bad luck was your fortune this time as you ride away with another perspective that you would never have gained if it weren't for his loss.
To all those who lost someone this week (there were many around me)... I'm sorry for your time of pain and sorrow. Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Maybe with some luck a little meaning will come from what probably seems like senseless loss. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Did a rabbit have to die to make your point? Was it that important to literally show one of God's creatures disjointed and torn asunder? The writing was poetic AND prolific...however, it is my belief that death and dismemberment was unwarranted(sp?) to make us understand the meaning of your thoughts. The 'life-is-precious hippie.

P.S. Good shot on the bunny! Did you use hollow points?

Anonymous said...

So, have you been eating those mushrooms we keep seeing? At least you are not writing about contemplating your belly button!

Nice article, maybe you should send it in to a bike mag!


Anonymous said...

A small obstacle may cause your biggest fall in life. You hit the bottom ground hard and wonder if you will ever get back up. Then you begin your journey to get back to the spot you fell from; to regain what you may have lost. You move much slower as you start your journey, and you begin to notice things that you did not see before. You realize it's about the journey and what you experience along the way.

Broken Neck Bob

Anonymous said...

Very nice Lansenm,
My reaction to falling is usually to assess myself and slowly get back up, but I certainly know where you're coming from. A different view does tend to open up a whole other world at times.

Thanks for the story and I love the first photo.

lansenm said...

you are welcome.