Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Did You Know...

...That the Sunbridge Hills have magical powers. Sometimes when you can not find peace, you can go there and peace will find you. When you cry out for guidance, something hears you and provides you with clues to what the right path might be.

As you move up the trail and the Liliger Cemetry rises to meet you, the sun moves behind the small plot. You see a hawk soar over head as you stop to pay a quick respect to those who have passed.

The dogs run ahead, but the animals aren't scared of them today - and you see a racoon staring into your soul from his perch in a tree. What does he see?

A vista opens up at the top of the hill on the overlook point. You can see for miles, to the bluffs on the other side of the river, far away. Things are quiet for a moment, the hawk still circles high above. He calls out and you hear him clearly.

Time to move off the trail and feel the wild earth beneath your boots.

Loose your footing and fall from a cliff. Not a long drop but enough to rattle you. Sit in the rocks for a moment and collect your bearings. Silence falls through the woods again till the dogs come back in to check things out.

Notice some beauty as you sit and think about what nearly happened as you hurtled toward the earth, totally out of control. Would you have seen this flower had you not fallen? Did you fall for a reason?

Keep moving out, back on the trail now. The sun is beginning to fall behind the rocks. Shadows cast long and the woods take on a pink hue. Every thing is soft and gentle. A groundhog peeks out its head and peers at me as I move past.

The sun sets over the far hills. The change in shifts begins. The hawk is gone now, but an owl swoops overhead and announces the shift change. His call is an affirmation that you have stayed too long - but you are not ready to leave.

It's getting dark now. The moon is out. You question your steps at times, but your boots know the trail, and the dogs are surefooted. Just follow their sounds, you will be back at the car soon, but you are not ready to leave even still.

You feel the energy of this place. It has at least partially recharged you for now.... Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

Apparently you got into the pshychadelic mushrooms growing in the cemetery and became a fockin hippie for a time.
Nahhh...cool post. One of the best I've seen for awhile, and the pics caught the mood also. I gotta fess up. I did an hour's worth of yoga last night. It felt damn good and I slept like a baby. Maybe we were on the same 'astral plain' for a time. Again, great post.
The contortionist hippie.

Tenacious T said...

I totally hear ya bro. Trekking and experiencing nature is hands down my favorite thing to do... Yes, even more than bicycling!

slo farmanimal said...

i feel like i just popped out of a longfellow poem...another classic post lansen.. cool