Monday, October 20, 2008

Girls on the Girl Scout

Ok, I all wanted was to get in one last lap around the GSC. I had been riding for an hour or so and was coming off the Brownie trail and decided it was getting a little bit cool out but thought one last good lap through the GSC would be just the ticket to finish off my ride.
I headed up the short steep section that starts the reverse loop. Just as I was getting to the top I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a pair of female butt cheeks about 30 feet or so down the trail in front of me!
Dumbfounded, all I could think to say was "hello". All of a sudden the girl stands up and I see another girl behind her with her pants down also! These girls were both squatted down face to face in the middle of the trail in an extremely close proximity to each other!
When they spotted me they just freaked out and started yelling "Oh my god, Oh my god" over and over. All I could muster was a lame "sorry" and turned around and headed back out of the trail and decided that last lap really was'nt all that necessary.
The common sense part of my brain told me that all these girls were doing was just peeing in tandem on the trail but seeing these two girls face to face so close together with their pants down told me that "common sense" thinking on my part just was'nt panning out.
I'm thinking it must have been some type of lesbian ritual that these two were enacting!
Guess I should have asked but I was a little freaked out myself.
What do you guys make of it?


lansenm said...

ya know... you can post pictures on here...

then again, that could get the site flagged. whatever, go for it!

choppe said...

Phone was zipped up in my pack so no pics... probably would have fumbled around trying to get a shot off even if I did have it out.
Oh well

nickishere said...

What other trails can offer that?!! St. Joe is on the map baby!!

JDOUG said...

Why does crap like this always happen to "other" people?????

Maybe, I want to see some Lesbian action too...

Anonymous said...

Jason, YOU prob want to be INVOLVED in some lesbo action, judging from that text message I got a couple of days ago.

Where was everyone last night? The riding was superb. The trails really drain well you know. Damn, a little moisture and all you sissies stay inside!
The mud-encrusted hippie