Sunday, November 12, 2006

Corby Pond Trail

Spent most of the morning clearing sticks and leaves with a leaf blower on something like 4 miles of the loop at Corby Pond Saturday Morning. Last week I cleared down trees and larger debris with a rake and saw. End result - trail is in great shape. Conditions are fast, dry, and safe. Even new sections are in good shape, and are very rideable.
Went back in the afternoon and did 3 laps with the dog (see above). Ran into a couple guys out riding the trails for the first time. I heard their voices through the trees a number of times commenting on how awesome the trails are. We are lucky to have this area - Thanks to the bike shop guy for carving all the new sections this summer!
Still didn't stop me from doing an endo on one of the log crossings. Usually run it with the cross bike, but thought I would ride it this time. Pretty much ate dirt.
Going to start putting together a Tuesday Nite Ride for all interested parties. I think I might even bring some beers for a break at the Fire Pit for all interested parties.

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