Sunday, November 19, 2006

Krug after Corby...

After Lansen & Jim left, I headed over there and ran into Brian (don't know last name) and his son in law, whom just finished riding Krug. Told him about this website/blog and Brian will try to hook up on T or W nite rides after he gets a light.

Did the entire outside perimeter loop at Krug and I'd say only 10-20% of trail was leaf covered... it was so obvious where Lansen had gone in and blow leaves off trail. Thank you very much. Overall the trail was very sticky and and it's so nice to zoom (my definition of zoom) through the cleared sections, which again was majority. Still no trees or new obstacles to worry about.

Oh, forgot to mention that a horse dropped a very large bomb on the trail... near where the Lamas live... I'm so happy that I put on my mud guards! It was disgusting!! I thought horses aren't allowed back there? I didn't see any traces of hoof prints so it really took me by surprice when I came up on it.

Another cool thing about having the trails cleared of leaves is that you can come across a lot more wild life... can't tell you how many birds I scared off... way cool!

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