Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Krug @ 7 PM

After doing one loop at the nicely groomed Corby, I rode on the sidewalk to Krug. Started out on Krug trail the same way as the race course this summer. There first section was fairly clear of leaves... must get a lot of activity. Still have to BE CAREFULl of roots... I almost biffed on a very small root that crossed trail right before a turn... yes, the tortoise was going too fast!

Regardless, Krug is still very rideable, even with leaves on the trai... I think mostly due to fact that all the hard work trimming the foilage for the race this summer didn't get a chance to grow back... so even though majority of trail is leave covered, one can clearly tell where the trails are.

By the way, thanks to whomever placed that bridge over primary creek somwhere in middle of trails... only one more bridge needed and I won't have to get my bike dirty! ;0)

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Freak'n Lost said...

Don't biff it TT, would hate for you to damage the shell.

I assume you are talking about the new pallet bridge. Brad and I placed that one, and have plans to finish out the bridge trail section with similar set ups. It's a cheap way to make a big impact on the ride.

Rumor is that there may be some grant money for building a new bridge in Krug.... Not sure what is left, but there are plenty of spots in Krug where some money would do good. Erosion is a concern on these trails.