Sunday, November 19, 2006

Early Sunday at Krug

It was a beautiful morning at Krug. Trails are in decent condition, although leaves are still an issue in some places. After leaf blowing some of the trails yesterday afternoon, I am not sure it was worth it. Pictures are of trails that were not groomed. Groomed sections are cleaner, but not all connected. Some of the chutes and rutted climbs were so clogged with leaves they could not be removed with the leaf blower, and attempts at grooming may have made them worse. Might try to clear them with a rake today. not sure yet.

Some corners and climbs were covered with frosty leaves, which was especially hazardous. No wrecks though.

Was geared too high (2x1) for the trail, so ended up walking some of the climbs - the above picture being one of the walker hills.

Meeting Javier at Corby for a ride at 1:30 - anyone is welcome to join us.

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