Monday, November 27, 2006

Tuesday Night - 6:30 PM

Lets hit it at 6:30 PM - Corby Pond Stretching station. If it is wet, then we can cruise the bike paths. If it is not too wet we can hit the trails.

See you then!


jspell said...

Trails are muddy but ridable! Pythons are a poor tire choice. I rode 90 percent of 2 laps this afternoon. Just watch the rock creek crossing and the logs.
The off-camber areas are a little slick. I rode everything but the hill behind the tennis courts. My tires didn't cut ruts, just slid around. Watch your spped going into the corners and have a blast.

Tenacious Tortoise said...

Thanks for the tips Jim... Lansen, Rusty & I rode the same laps twice last night. I think after the second lap we got some of the slime off the trails... only a few "Whoah" were blurted out by us. Definitely want to slow down BEFORE the turns & watch the slopped sections.

There was another sighting of those ROUS... I think since there were three of us, it appeared hesitant so we were able to slip by unharmed.

Incredibly dead calm, warm & humid weather on the first lap and by end of the second you could tell bad weather was rolling in. Lansen & I were going to do a third lap but felt drops.
Lansen, did you miss the storm... cause when I got home it started dumping & blowing really hard!

Freezing rain & Snow later today... yeah!

lansenm said...

Got a little wet. Made it home okay though. Good ride guys - definitely worth a little mud on the bike!