Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tuesday Night Blast

Fast loops last night. Felt like I worked pretty hard. I think all had a good time. Rusty, Javier, Jim, the dog, and me. Here are some very blurry pictures:

Rusty Come'n at you like a nightmare.

Blurry Rusty - not that this picture is proof, but he really does exist.


Anonymous said... you say there was a sighting last night. Those photos remind me of the bigfoot photos you see; you can tell that something is there, but you can't tell who (or what) it is. I will remain skeptical until irrefutable evidence is presented proving that this so called "rider" exists.

A.J. McFlutie said...

.......I'm not even certain what is in those pictures is Human. I think this may just be a cleaverly exacted Lansen hoax. If I look carefully, I think this is a wooden head, carved with a chainsaw, with a cooking pot on top, sitting atop a stuffed gray shirt with a white city-worker reflective vest draped over it. I'm pretty sure it has no legs and the handlebars from that bike appear to be about knee high, leaving me to believe it has no front wheel and was a piece of disgarded rubble that someone tried to ride through Krug and destroyed.

DD said...

Was a perfect night for ridin, at least here in Lincoln

lansenm said...

It was great in STJ too. Weather was perfect. The night rides are taking off, and a very Wilderness Park"esk" section of trail is under construction between Corby and Krug. This town is going to be a mountain biking Mecca it the trails continue to develop as planned.

See you Lincoln guys tomorrow at 6:30 AM - DD's house. I'll be on the "one size fits all" single speed.