Monday, November 20, 2006

Tuesday Night Ride

Hey Gang -

I'll be at Corby on Tuesday night at 6:00 pm. Weather will be clear and cold at about 36 F with light winds at 5-10 mph. Trail condition was great this morning.

My knees are a little stiff, so I might only get one or two laps in.

Word is that Rusty will be back in the saddle, and Javier is talking about an appearance. Come one, come all.

For your viewing entertainment: here are some photos of some of my old riding buddies in Lincoln fighting their way up "Holligan Hill" -

For more entertainment: here is a commentary on the evils of corporate america followed by more pictures of the Nebraska Championship Cyclocross Race from the perspective of "Holligan Hill".



Tenacious Tortoise said...

Thanks for the link to cool cyclocross pictures... got me to think about & realize that this type of riding is not for me... nothing appealing about having to quickly dismount and RUN my bike up hills and over obstacles. I still consider it a form of running & you won't catch this tortoise running again. :0)

Tenacious Tortoise said...

Sweet riding tonight with Lansen, Rusty & Jim!! We did two laps at Corby and we all stayed together... even though Lansen had to go fast once again. It truly is more fun riding in groups at night.
After Lansen and Jim left, Rusty & I rode over to KRUG and did the outside loop at slower pace. Glad to report that majority of the horse dung was gone!... the trail is in same conditions as Sunday.
Most of the Holiday lights were on at Krug and it was pretty cool riding through the tunnel... NO Lansen, Rusty and I didn't hold hands. ;0)