Sunday, November 19, 2006

Time Trials at Corby & MWSU

Okay, for those of you whom want to gauge your outdoor riding to something... as another form of training for next season and/or just for fun... I'm going to kinda of keep track of the time it takes to do the 2 3/4 mile loop that is still pretty cleared at Corby and also the wood chip trail at MWSU which I forget right now how long that one is... I'll mention it next time I make comment to this post. Others can post your times as a comments also, so we can keep track of them in the same place.
Today Lansen and I did the Corby loop in just or shy of 20 minutes. My best time at MWSU is 9 min & 49 seconds... love going fast on that course!

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Tenacious Tortoise said...

Tonight the time on the blown trail at Corby has was reduced to 18 min 45 sec. I forgot to remember the exact distance... will do so next time.